The King of Rock Puppet

The “KING OF ROCK” Elvis style parody puppet comes complete dressed in a Vegas jumpsuit & sash. He is a tribute to the early rock stars. Detailed and airbrushed latex face and hands, beautiful blue acrylic eyes, natural eyebrows and quality Elvis-style wig. He comes with removable sunglasses!

He is holding a microphone in his RIGHT hand, that arm has a wire in it so you can position the microphone in front of him naturally without having to hold it there.
You can choose an optional arm rod for his LEFT arm.

White dress shoes are available to cover his white socks for $50

ROCK your SHOW for $599.95 plus shipping!

“Thank you, Thank you very much!”

Body Style:
Rod Arms:
Optional Shoes?:
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Name Ideas for the Puppet

Elvis Messly The Elvis Presley Impersonator – Liam Crofts
Hunka Hunka
Rockin’ Roly Poly
Jelly Jam Junior
Tommy Two-Scoop
Big Teddy
Pound Dog

Song Title Ideas for High Calorie Classic Hits:

Heartburn Hotel
Hunka Hunka
Blue Cheese Shoes
Chocolate Shake, Rattle and Roll
Don’t Be Gruel
Do You Know The Way to Free Buffet
You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hotdog
I’m all Stuffed Up

EXTREME allergic reaction to celery: makes his lip curl then sends him off into pelvic gyrations (sneezing?) and vocal swooning. Classic Elvis behavior gone awry.
I would even consider using a prop (fake celery) to set him off. Antidote: refried beans, Chicken Fat Ripple Ice Cream… etc
Parody song All Stuffed Up. Can start with his allergic woes (stuffed up) and develop into an anthem to binging on his favorite foods resultung in... All
TUFFED Up. End of song – passes out – carry him off (wheelbarrow would be great but probably excessive) **** has just left the building (buffet).

(Thanks to Steve Petra for these ideas!)