Mega Cockatoo Puppet

Wow! Our deluxe “Mega Cockatoo” is top of the line. Latex face and feet are airbrushed to perfection. The back of the folded wings, tail and crest are real feathers, and the body is fur modified by combing acrylic through it to look like feathers. The Tail is removeable for storage and transportation. Basic puppet is $479.95 plus shipping!

Optional upgrades include:
Pro Hand-Cut Feather Pattern in body fur – $269
Mechanical raising Crest with Pull String – $279.95

Fur Texture:
Crest Option:

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Bird Arm Illusion
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What our customers have to say

"As an owner of a real cockatoo, I must say, I love this puppet."
Chris Wintter Jr.
"That is beautiful!! My favorite bird you have!"
Captin Wes Brock
"Another treasure presented by Steve Axtell... So nice!"
Teri Docherty Swarner