Jack-O-Lantern | Pumpkin Puppet

Jack-o-lantern Puppet Routine
Something different for your Halloween and Harvest festival shows! Put some character into the routine...
Jack-o-Lantern Routine 2
You'll never guess what I brought to our Halloween show today.... did I hear something from this bag? No, it must be my imagination. On Halloween we can get carried away with our imagination can't we?Let's take a look....can you guess what it is now? Right, a pumpkin! Have you ever carved a pumpkin before?
Jack-o-Lantern Routine 3
Great well, a few of you have....you have to be very careful and let a grown up help you with the knife, but let me show you how I do it...first you hold the knife like this and think about the design...where will you make the eyes, the nose, the mouth..... HERE would be a good place for one eye......OUCH! (jumping back)...what was that? Let's do that again....OUCH! Did this pumpkin just say "Ouch"?
Jack-o-Lantern Routine 4
YES!!!!!! I SAID OUCH! That hurts! (turn it around quickly revealing the face) I've already got a face.... It's alive! Ahhhh!!!
Jack-o-Lantern Pumpking Puppet Routine 5
He can even fly around like a ghost.....BOO....(grab the attached bag and pull him back down).....hey come back here..... It's a great addition to any magical Halloween show! More Ideas & Video.....
Jack-o-Lantern Routine 6
Have a fun dialog with the Jack-O-Lantern.

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Puppet in a bag!

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