Ringo Rabbit Puppet

Ringo Rabbit Puppet

We have several Version of Ringo Rabbit available to you!

Rabbit in a Hat Puppet
Full Body Puppet

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Wayne Dobson and Ringo Rabbit

Ringo Rabbit was featured on the famous Wayne Dobson TV Magic Show in the UK 25 years ago, made by Spitting Image and performed by Richard Coombs. The original puppet was lost and never found. Steve Axtell worked with Wayne to reproduce Ringo and bring him back to the stage for performers everywhere!

Ringo Rabbit Hat Puppet

Ringo Rabbit Hat Puppet

This Ringo Puppet in this big Top Hat is fully built connected so he can’t fall out. Just push your arm into the hole in back of the hat (not the bottom) and into the puppet you go. He can move up and down and all around. He tries to hide or vanish down into the hat but his ears always show for a great comedy & running gag! Approx 36″ from base of hat to ears.

Ringo Rabbit Hat Puppet is yours for $549.95

An Extra Hat (without a hole) For use in Magic Tricks or Props. Is $149.95.

An Extra Puppet Top Hat With a Hole in the back (for other puppets) is $179.95.

Special Order from Customer Service.

A portion of every sale will go to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society

Ringo Rabbit Full Body Puppet

Ringo Rabbit Puppet Full Body

The Full Body Ringo Rabbit Puppet is dressed in his snazzy Bowtie and Tux collar! Look at those lucky Rabbit Feet! Approx 46″ from feet to ears.
(no hat).

The Full Body Ringo Puppet can hop into your show for $499.95
Or Half Body Stage Puppet with Live or Rod Hands (without the hat) is also available

Body Style:
Rod Options::

Our cute Full body Female Rabbit Puppet – Ringabelle! $499.95 plus shipping

Easy-Talk Animatronic Rabbit

EASY-TALK RINGO RABBIT in a HAT comes with the Animatronic Easy-Talk Ringo with 2 motions, built into a Hat, wall power adapter and battery pack, audio cables and splitter. 

No remote control necessary! The head moves randomly and automatically, while the mouth responds and moves to an audio input signal (live microphone, mp3 routine, voice memo, etc). Simple, fun, and our most affordable animatronic system! It even works with our AI System. 

All in for $3299.95plus shipping.