Skunky Munky AxKit

Skunky Munky
Skunky Munky AxKit
Skunky Munky Puppet with Steve Axtell and Jimmy Vee

Skunky Munky is way more than just a puppet… it’s a whole professional act concept. The first in our series of AxKits.
This AxKit includes:

-The Axtell “SKUNKY MUNKY” Puppet

-Skunk SPRAYER (two Options)

-Magnets in Toes (Feet stick together!)

-Elbow Rod with Wired Fingers for holding (specify L/R)

-License to use the “Skunky Munky” name

-The Theme Song “It’s Skunky Munky” Recording

-Full length routines by Jimmy, Mark Wade & Sammy King

-Color Logo by Chance Wolf for your Promotional Materials

-Coloring Sheet Master to duplicate as give-aways

-12 AxTrax Pre-recorded Audio routines by Axtell

-Exclusive SKUNKY MUNKY Owner’s Facebook Private Group

Note: You will need to join the Secret Facebook Group to download all of these extra features. They will not arrive with your puppet. The content offerred will continue to grow from other users and from the script writers! Normally all this would be over $1500! But as an AxKit plus two options for the SKUNK SPRAYER, it’s only $799.95 with Spray in a Can System, or $599.95 with Power Puff Bulb in the tail.

Style of Skunk Spray:
Elbow Rod Option:

Refill cans of smoke are $10 each and last up to 500 sprays. We cannot ship the cans by air or international. See info at the bottom of the page.

Axtrax Logo

12 pre-recorded AxTrax included with your purchase. 

Funny recorded routines with voice, music and sound effects.   For VENTS we include the 12 scripts!   Each routine is 3-4 minuets packet with fun!    Here are the Titles of the huge variety of subjects included!

Bully Routine  
A Real Job 
Birthday Party
Trick or Treat Safety 
How’s Your Day?  
I’m so Hungry
Jingle Bells
Love one Another
Bicycle Safety
Reading is a Treasure
Stop the Hiccups
Stranger Danger

Powder Puff System

The Free Powder Puff Bulb in the tail is a low tech approach to getting the big spray out of Skunky Munky. It’s a great effect but a little messy. You fill it with Baby Power (not supplied) so it requires filling the bulb before the show. You can get 2-3 puffs from it. You might want to clean up with a portable vacuum cleaner.

The alternative spray can system lasts probably 500 sprays and is the same as we have used for years in our Dusty Dragon so it’s much cleaner and self contained.

Have Questions About the Smoke Spray?

Read this FAQ sheet from the manufacturer about it here!

You must remove the plastic top when you buy cans of smoke from other suppliers. Our Dragon acutator fits right over the spray stem.

#1 – WHITE LIGHT (ELECTRICS) LTD (click to see website)
Order the smoke called “FANTASY FX  AUTO-VERTICAL SPRAY” from the UK:
(do not get the regular can style, get the Auto-Vertical Spray only)
White Light
20, Merton Industrial Park, Jubilee Way,
London SW19 3WL
T +44 (0)20 8254 4840

#2 – FLINTS (click to see website)
(do not get the regular spray type)
TEL: 020 7703 9786 FAX: 020 7708 4189

#3 – MAPLINS (click to see website)
A different brand that still works great is “Magician Smoke in a Can” or “Poof”
They only sell the auto-spray can and it’s less expenisve and tested.
Tel: 0844 557 6000
Address: Maplin Electronics
PO BOX 534, Manvers, Rotherham, UK, S63 3DH

“Skunky Munky” trademark and copyright are the property of James Venezio. Puppet is property of Axtell Expressions, inc.